If you are interested in archery and finding out the right bow to invest your money in; no product better than the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is suitable to purchase. This surely is the right product to buy and gift to the archer that resides within you. This bow is specially designed and engineered well to provide you the best possible services. It not only is able to provide you the efficient functionality but is also made a lot attractive in appearance. The Samick Sage made the very respected Delicious best recurve bow top 5!


samick sageThis bow has the most elegant and stylish design. It is specially engineered to enhance your hunting skills. The bow is approximately 62 inches long and has to offer you plenty of quality services. It also includes the arrow rest and the B-50 bowstring. The bow also has the brass bushing for the brass plunger. These are preinstalled to save you from the excessive hassle. The bow also has the additional features like the Quiver, sight as well as the stabilizer. It has the maximum draw length of about twenty-nine inches. The brace length is of about 7 ¼ inches to 8 ¼ inches. The limbs of this bow are made up of the hard maple and the black fiberglass.


  • This bow is completely customizable. You can easily adjust it according to your convenience, comfort, and requirements.
  • The taking down and setting up process for this very bow is extremely easy. You are not required to use any kind of tools either for taking it down or to set it up.
  • It is comparatively tall in size and it proves to be a benefit for the person using this bow. Because of its being tall they are able to aim more accurately.
  • The bushing of this amazing bow is already drilled and does not require you to put in many efforts.


  • It is not a good choice to consider for the hunters who are short. They might not be able to easily maneuver or use it.


The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is the right choice to consider for all the tall archers and hunters out there. This product is not at all the one that will disappoint you later; instead, it surely will offer you the efficient and effective services. That is why you are advised to buy it without giving any second thought.