If you spend crypto assets, it will prevent you from benefitting from the growth of the value of your assets in the future. MoneyToken is very beneficial in this regard as it allows miners and businesspeople to borrow liquid funds immediately according to the value of their current crypto assets.

It provides a very flexible platform to those who need a certain amount of loan. You can take out a loan in assets such as Bitcoins and Ethereum and receive a particular amount in whatever currency you want. After you repay the loan, you’ll get the collateral back according to its current value. Thus, if your collateral was lower in value but has now increased by multiple times, you’ll get the new amount. To find out more see thetechinsider.org.


MoneyToken ICOThe best thing about MoneyToken is that you don’t need to sell your Bitcoin or Ethereum if you need stable currency or cash. This is the best way you can get immediate liquid funds and save your position. MoneyToken is a very flexible ICO, and its main function is to provide crypto-backed loans to those who have cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets. It prevents you from selling your assets because the money or cash you need will be readily available to you on time.

This platform will also provide a good way to exchange services in a decentralized network, which will be beneficial for crypto asset holders and their future growth.

MoneyToken is very helpful as it allows you to gain cash as a loan when needed. You can easily and immediately borrow liquid funds which will be collateralized by your Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other volatile cryptocurrency. Then you’ll get your required amount of loan.


MoneyToken is a nice concept, and collateralizing loans with volatile crypto assets seems to be a good idea. This way, people who need immediate cash will be able to benefit from it and won’t lose their crypto assets either. For crypto lovers, it is a good opportunity as they’ll keep their cryptocurrencies and will have good gains in the future. The platform is based on Amanda AI technology, and it will work with borrowers from around the globe to provide a better platform to the users.