The Maxi-Matic EKT-300R is an electric kettle with a 1.7-liter capacity. The capacity being on the larger side means you can fill it up to full and be able to serve your entire family and guests without having to do multiple kettle trips. Alongside the extremely large capacity, you also have a blue LED illuminated interior, that provides a very aesthetically pleasing look go the kettle. I could see this kettle fitting in with most modern day kitchens and it doesn’t have that ugly stainless steel look that we see on many other kettle variations.

maxi matic kettleThis kettle received the best variable temperature kettle award and proved to be the most versatile in its class. The large pouring spout allows you to quickly transfer the water, tea or coffee from the kettle to your cup in just seconds. Some kettles that we’ve reviewed have a much smaller and compact pouring spout, causing arm pains from holding the kettle too long.

The concealed heating element is tested and safe. It quickly heats your water and boils it extremely quickly. Larger kettles tend to have larger heating elements, which can be dangerous and cause fires, however, the Maxi-Matic kettle is very safe and has a smaller heating element but with more power.

The exterior is extremely easy to clean. A reviewer who goes by the name of Sally Khan stated that “The kettle is extremely easy to clean and is very nice to look at visually. I’ve had a wide variation of kettles over the years, however, I always come back to the Maxi-Matic as it always seems to fit in with my kitchen look”.

If you’re picky over colors then you can get this kettle in red, black or blue. If your husband wants an old-school kettle but you prefer the modern look, then this kettle is so cheap that it can almost be considered an addon electric kettle, to your previously existing one. I’m sure it could co-exist with another kettle alongside it.

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