For the travelers, here is a special article to guide you while traveling to Vienna and having a great time. Just remember, when you travel to a foreign county, you’ll always have an experience. Make sure you always keep track of flight information and rental car info as well.

                        Travel Tips:

  • When traveling to Vienna, you will need a passport. It must be valid as well.
  • Please make sure that you are healthy before coming to Vienna. You are advised to bring a first aid kit, just for any emergencies.
  • If you have health insurance, this is a plus. Any medical services received in Vienna will be expensive and if you want to stay longer, you should get health insurance of some kind.
  • Please learn about the local customs and etiquette before traveling to Vienna. You do not want to offend someone or make yourself look ignorant.
  • First impressions are very important in Vienna. Make sure you are presenting yourself with grace and style. The locals will let you know if you make any mistakes and they’ll do it quickly.
  • Make sure that you bring an adapter for your phone charger, laptop, or other technology devices. In the U. S. there are different electrical outlets than in Vienna. Make sure you come prepared, otherwise it will cost you an arm and a leg in Vienna to purchase an adapter.
  • When packing for your visit, please be aware of the weather and know that it is possible that it may change and quickly. Packing enough clothes for your stay and extra clothes will be the best bet during your trip. Be ready for any type of weather here.
  • The Metric System is used in Austria. Make sure you have a converter. This is a vacation, not getting frustrated will make the trip much more fun.
  • The timezone that Austria is in. is one hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Austria does practice daylight savings time.
  • The Austrian rail system is very reliable as well as comfortable. It’s very modern too.
  • Vienna’s streets and highways are kept up very well and in great shape.
  • Crossing the border is achievable any time of the day.
  • When coming to Austria, tourists have said that they should have learned some German before arriving in Austria. Many here speak English, but knowing the native tongue is very helpful.

Where to Stay

            Many travelers stay in hotels in Vienna, however, during peak travel times, its best to try outside of the capital to save some money. Homeowners are renting out their homes or rooms for tourists to stay and they are much cheaper than the hotels in Vienna. Checking out sites online such as Air BNB, rental rooms, etc. would be the best idea for travelers looking for room and board. The longer your stay, the cheaper it will come out to be. Plus you will feel like you’re at home more than in a crowded and expensive hotel in the city.