On a recent shopping trip for puppy supplies, chew toys were at the top of the list. There are so many to choose from, but in the end, we opted for the ever popular Kong in small puppy size. The Kong is a hard, slightly flexible rubber toy which comes in several different shapes. We chose the 3-tiered version, which resembles the shape of a snowman, inside of which you can place a treat for the dog. The goal is to put a treat inside for which the dog has to work towards removing, thereby occupying the dog for a short period of time. The small puppy Kong that we purchased came with a free treat called a “Ziggy” which is long and fits snuggly inside the large hole (in this case about the diameter of a dime) in one end of the Kong.

Initially, the puppy Kong was used as a play toy and to keep the puppy from chewing on our fingers as most puppies are prone to do. This worked very well. The Kong could also be used a a chase toy, throw it and the dog chases after it. This also worked quite well. Problems arose when we decided to start putting treats inside, as was intended by the toy manufacturer.

The first treat used was the Ziggy that came with it. This treat is about 3 inches long and the same diameter around as the large hole at the end of the Kong (about the size of a dime). Unfortunately, because the shape of the Kong gets smaller at towards the opposite end of the hole, the Ziggy itself would only fit about 2/3 into the whole leaving a full inch protruding. Thinking the dog would be able to chew and pull more out as she went, the Kong was given to her. She loved the Ziggy, it disappeared in no time flat. That is, the end that was protruding disappeared, the 2/3 of the treat that was inside the Kong was stuck there and the dog nor it’s human owners could retrieve it!

Now the Kong does have a hole in the opposite end, smaller in diameter than a pencil. So, to remove the Ziggy from inside, a small instrument such as a very small screwdriver needed to be inserted into the small hole to push the Ziggy out the other end. Well, this is work for the human and no fun for the dog, not as it was designed or what he had intended when we purchased it. This process was repeated numerous times until the Ziggy was gobbled up. Not exactly the plan we had in mind when the small puppy Kong was purchased. This method was occupying our time more than the time of the dog.

While the Kong itself is a great product as are the Kong treats, the small puppy size Kong cannot be recommended by this puppy owner unless you are planning to use it without treats only. If you plan to use the Kong with treats, I would suggest moving up to the large puppy size Kong. There are also several larger sizes for full grown dogs.

For the travelers, here is a special article to guide you while traveling to Vienna and having a great time. Just remember, when you travel to a foreign county, you’ll always have an experience. Make sure you always keep track of flight information and rental car info as well.

                        Travel Tips:

  • When traveling to Vienna, you will need a passport. It must be valid as well.
  • Please make sure that you are healthy before coming to Vienna. You are advised to bring a first aid kit, just for any emergencies.
  • If you have health insurance, this is a plus. Any medical services received in Vienna will be expensive and if you want to stay longer, you should get health insurance of some kind.
  • Please learn about the local customs and etiquette before traveling to Vienna. You do not want to offend someone or make yourself look ignorant.
  • First impressions are very important in Vienna. Make sure you are presenting yourself with grace and style. The locals will let you know if you make any mistakes and they’ll do it quickly.
  • Make sure that you bring an adapter for your phone charger, laptop, or other technology devices. In the U. S. there are different electrical outlets than in Vienna. Make sure you come prepared, otherwise it will cost you an arm and a leg in Vienna to purchase an adapter.
  • When packing for your visit, please be aware of the weather and know that it is possible that it may change and quickly. Packing enough clothes for your stay and extra clothes will be the best bet during your trip. Be ready for any type of weather here.
  • The Metric System is used in Austria. Make sure you have a converter. This is a vacation, not getting frustrated will make the trip much more fun.
  • The timezone that Austria is in. is one hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Austria does practice daylight savings time.
  • The Austrian rail system is very reliable as well as comfortable. It’s very modern too.
  • Vienna’s streets and highways are kept up very well and in great shape.
  • Crossing the border is achievable any time of the day.
  • When coming to Austria, tourists have said that they should have learned some German before arriving in Austria. Many here speak English, but knowing the native tongue is very helpful.

Where to Stay

            Many travelers stay in hotels in Vienna, however, during peak travel times, its best to try outside of the capital to save some money. Homeowners are renting out their homes or rooms for tourists to stay and they are much cheaper than the hotels in Vienna. Checking out sites online such as Air BNB, rental rooms, etc. would be the best idea for travelers looking for room and board. The longer your stay, the cheaper it will come out to be. Plus you will feel like you’re at home more than in a crowded and expensive hotel in the city.

The Maxi-Matic EKT-300R is an electric kettle with a 1.7-liter capacity. The capacity being on the larger side means you can fill it up to full and be able to serve your entire family and guests without having to do multiple kettle trips. Alongside the extremely large capacity, you also have a blue LED illuminated interior, that provides a very aesthetically pleasing look go the kettle. I could see this kettle fitting in with most modern day kitchens and it doesn’t have that ugly stainless steel look that we see on many other kettle variations.

maxi matic kettleThis kettle received the best variable temperature kettle award and proved to be the most versatile in its class. The large pouring spout allows you to quickly transfer the water, tea or coffee from the kettle to your cup in just seconds. Some kettles that we’ve reviewed have a much smaller and compact pouring spout, causing arm pains from holding the kettle too long.

The concealed heating element is tested and safe. It quickly heats your water and boils it extremely quickly. Larger kettles tend to have larger heating elements, which can be dangerous and cause fires, however, the Maxi-Matic kettle is very safe and has a smaller heating element but with more power.

The exterior is extremely easy to clean. A reviewer who goes by the name of Sally Khan stated that “The kettle is extremely easy to clean and is very nice to look at visually. I’ve had a wide variation of kettles over the years, however, I always come back to the Maxi-Matic as it always seems to fit in with my kitchen look”.

If you’re picky over colors then you can get this kettle in red, black or blue. If your husband wants an old-school kettle but you prefer the modern look, then this kettle is so cheap that it can almost be considered an addon electric kettle, to your previously existing one. I’m sure it could co-exist with another kettle alongside it.

If you spend crypto assets, it will prevent you from benefitting from the growth of the value of your assets in the future. MoneyToken is very beneficial in this regard as it allows miners and businesspeople to borrow liquid funds immediately according to the value of their current crypto assets.

It provides a very flexible platform to those who need a certain amount of loan. You can take out a loan in assets such as Bitcoins and Ethereum and receive a particular amount in whatever currency you want. After you repay the loan, you’ll get the collateral back according to its current value. Thus, if your collateral was lower in value but has now increased by multiple times, you’ll get the new amount. To find out more see thetechinsider.org.


MoneyToken ICOThe best thing about MoneyToken is that you don’t need to sell your Bitcoin or Ethereum if you need stable currency or cash. This is the best way you can get immediate liquid funds and save your position. MoneyToken is a very flexible ICO, and its main function is to provide crypto-backed loans to those who have cryptocurrencies or other crypto assets. It prevents you from selling your assets because the money or cash you need will be readily available to you on time.

This platform will also provide a good way to exchange services in a decentralized network, which will be beneficial for crypto asset holders and their future growth.

MoneyToken is very helpful as it allows you to gain cash as a loan when needed. You can easily and immediately borrow liquid funds which will be collateralized by your Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other volatile cryptocurrency. Then you’ll get your required amount of loan.


MoneyToken is a nice concept, and collateralizing loans with volatile crypto assets seems to be a good idea. This way, people who need immediate cash will be able to benefit from it and won’t lose their crypto assets either. For crypto lovers, it is a good opportunity as they’ll keep their cryptocurrencies and will have good gains in the future. The platform is based on Amanda AI technology, and it will work with borrowers from around the globe to provide a better platform to the users.

If you are interested in archery and finding out the right bow to invest your money in; no product better than the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is suitable to purchase. This surely is the right product to buy and gift to the archer that resides within you. This bow is specially designed and engineered well to provide you the best possible services. It not only is able to provide you the efficient functionality but is also made a lot attractive in appearance. The Samick Sage made the very respected Delicious best recurve bow top 5!


samick sageThis bow has the most elegant and stylish design. It is specially engineered to enhance your hunting skills. The bow is approximately 62 inches long and has to offer you plenty of quality services. It also includes the arrow rest and the B-50 bowstring. The bow also has the brass bushing for the brass plunger. These are preinstalled to save you from the excessive hassle. The bow also has the additional features like the Quiver, sight as well as the stabilizer. It has the maximum draw length of about twenty-nine inches. The brace length is of about 7 ¼ inches to 8 ¼ inches. The limbs of this bow are made up of the hard maple and the black fiberglass.


  • This bow is completely customizable. You can easily adjust it according to your convenience, comfort, and requirements.
  • The taking down and setting up process for this very bow is extremely easy. You are not required to use any kind of tools either for taking it down or to set it up.
  • It is comparatively tall in size and it proves to be a benefit for the person using this bow. Because of its being tall they are able to aim more accurately.
  • The bushing of this amazing bow is already drilled and does not require you to put in many efforts.


  • It is not a good choice to consider for the hunters who are short. They might not be able to easily maneuver or use it.


The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is the right choice to consider for all the tall archers and hunters out there. This product is not at all the one that will disappoint you later; instead, it surely will offer you the efficient and effective services. That is why you are advised to buy it without giving any second thought.

Dear friends,

The Shimla Vichar Manthan Shivir that has just concluded was very successful. We debated extensively the various aspects of our party policies and the dismal performance of the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre. We adopted a Shimla Sankalp. It reflects our firm resolve to wage a relentless struggle against forces of communalism and fundamentalism, and to take the country forward. We once again reiterate our commitment to “Congress Ka Haath, Garib Ke Saath”.

The Shimla Sankalp will be implemented fully, in letter and spirit. The Sankalp is our political charter, it is yet another milestone in our continued struggle against all forces of communalism and fundamentalism, against BJP, the RSS, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal that seek to destroy social harmony and against the BJP-led NDA government that has proved to be such a colossal and massive failure.

Our party will soon launch and sustain a Jan Jagaran Abhiyan across the country to expose the BJP-led NDA government’s comprehensive and glaring failures on security, defence, communal harmony, economic growth, social welfare, good governance, foreign policy and probity and transparency in public life.

We formulated our stance on coalitions at Pachmarhi and elaborated upon it in Bangalore two years ago. The political resolution that was adopted at that AICC Plenary said : “Taking into the account the present political scenario, the Congress would be prepared to enter into appropriate electoral or coalition arrangements with secular parties on the basis of mutual understanding but always without compromising its basic ideology. The prevailing situation in the country makes it incumbent on all secular forces to intensify their efforts to evolve a strategy for combating communalism and religious fundamentalism and for ensuring the defeat of the BJP and its allies.”

On Ayodhya, our position has been clear and consistent. We believe that the Ayodhya dispute must be resolved through the courts. All parties must abide by the judicial verdict. We are not against the facilitation of a negotiated settlement among the parties to the dispute. But such a settlement if reached must have complete legal sanction and sanctity.

The Congress is unique. Our uniqueness arises from several basic features of the Congress’s history, its character, its ideology and the legacy of its leadership. I am convinced that the time is ripe for a massive renaissance of our political culture so that we build that society which combines compassion with competence, equity with excellence and integrates India’s global leadership with local transformation. Congress Ka Haath, Garib Ke Saath has to become our beacon both in substance and style. We must set the example by austerity and integrity in our public and private lives.

You know, how many challenges we have to face in the coming times. Our resolve is unshakeable, our direction is clear, our determination is strong. With this self-confidence we have to go amidst people so that, in coming times, we will win the confidence and support of all sections of the people due to our principles, policies and programmes. I thank the people of Himachal, Chief Minister, Shri Virbhadra Singh, his colleagues and Himachal Pradesh Congress president, Smt. Vidya Stokes, her colleagues, Congress workers and Congress office-bearers for the excellent arrangements made for the Shivir and for their legendary hospitality